The synergy of thought and action takes form in the logo of Runwal Reallty. Our logo signifies a confluence of several elements that come together to reflect what the group stands for.

  • Contemporary – The design of the logo is very linear and solid, which blends with the contemporary approach we follow while designing our projects.
  • Singularity – Made up of several layers, our logo is still a strong single block, which symbolizes strength and unity.
  • Prosperity – The logo bears semblance to the Balaji Tilak, which voices prosperity. With every project, we believe in growing and rising higher.
  • Colours – Draped in the colours of blue, yellow and orange, our logo reflects the trinity of the modern era. Blue gives it a corporate edge, yellow gives it the necessary warmth and finally the vibrant orange radiates the aura of positivity and converges as the focal point.