Building structures does not take long, building integrity does!

Runwal Reallty has strived to build precisely this in the span of 30 years with spectacular success. For us the multifaceted, multi-dimensional ethos of trust is deeply ingrained in our thoughts, policies and actions. We have always placed our customers first to gain a deeper insight into their evolving needs, aspirations and expectations. We categorically went about fulfilling these to create landmark projects.

Quality construction, choice of amenities, locales, material specifications, open spaces, landscaping - meticulous detailing goes into each aspect while planning every project to deliver in time superior premises that exceed expectations. In this journey we have endeavoured to symbolize 'creativity' with unique projects which stand out in the international scenario.

"Every project is an aesthetical and functionally planned landmark designed by renowned architects. By hiring overseas architects of international repute the Group stands tall in redefining modern architecture and the shape of things to come in the construction industry" says Mr. Pradeep Runwal, M.D. Runwal Reallty

Our motto 'Value for Money' is mirrored in our every venture.

Residential Complexes: Elegant homes built in picturesque, pollution-free surroundings with every civic amenity in close vicinity.

Commercial Complexes: Commercial spaces replete with state-of-the-art facilities, swanky offices, trendy malls, ethnic multi-cuisine restaurants, entertainment centres, etc. for discerning businessmen.