The home just felt right. It had such a positive vibe. No wonder we love coming back to it.

-Happy Buyer, Runwal Villa, Baner

Every project by Runwal Reallty is aimed at being an architectural landmark and designed with an eye for detail.

The Group gives a lot of importance to creativity and to innovate design ideas by mapping international architectural trends.

It has always been a pleasure working with Runwal Reallty group.

Kulin Dhurva, Principal Architect

At Runwal Reallty, the focus on planning is very strong centered around the customer. Every project is dealt within detail taking into consideration all the safety measures without compromising on the quality which is the hallmark of the group.

Hansal Parikh, Consultant

I have been working with Runwal Reallty for last 15 years. The company is extremely ethical and works with a high degree of professionalism, which makes it easier to work with them.

Suresh Hardare, Contractor

I have been associated with Runwal Reallty for more than 20 years. For architects it becomes very important to work with someone who has vision and belief in trying out new ideas. Runwal Reallty has been proactive and encouraging in doing so. Having been in the real estate industry for more than 30 years the group understands the expectations of the consumer very well. This clarity of thought has not just added value but greatly helped in designing the right product. In-fact the inputs from the group led to a great synergy resulting in landmark projects that symbolize good design.

Paresh Koshti, Architect

Strong communication is the basis of good work and at Runwal Reallty that has been driving the business. Clarity of thought makes work simple. Also the team work is excellent which helps to get the work done faster. It's a privilege to be associates with the company for 25 years.

Prakash Kulkarni, Architect

We fell in love with the quality of the home. The planning is so accurate and takes care of all our needs. Ours is an ideal home.

Santosh Rangarej, Happy Buyer at Runwal Florentine

Good Location, great design and wonderful living space, our home is just perfect. Thanks to Runwal Reallty for making such a well-designed project.

Rahul Babar, Happy Buyer at Runwal Pristine