How to conserve water at home

India, the second most populated country in the world, faces a drought situation in some parts of the country each year.For that matter,each one of us needs to think about water conservation at home, even if not living in a drought affected area.Let’s see some tips for conserving water at home.

1.Turn off the tap while brushing : Water reachesus from an average faucet at 2.5 litres per minute. It’s wise to save water while brushing the teeth byturning off the faucet once the brush is wet and turning it onat the time of rinsing.

2.Fix the leaksof pipeline :Fixing up leaks at home can save litres of water. Hire a plumber or you can try to do it yourself with a cool toolkit. Make sure the fix is made proper and stays strong for coming years as well.

3. Use the shower smartly : Don’t let the water drain while you wait for the shower water to heat up.Keepa bucket under the faucet, and thecollectedwater can be used for cleaning toilet or watering plants at home.

4. Use efficient fixtures : Investing in a low-flow flush or choosing water efficient shower-heads can cut down a lot ofwastage of water. One can find these fixtures easily which come at an economic cost.