Hadapsar: A captivating destination to invest

It’s wisely said – planning leads to better preparation for tomorrow. “Buying a commercial property requires a good amount of planning and research. The choice of location is one of the primary factors that influence a property buying decision,” says Mr. Pradeep Runwal, M.D. Runwal Reallty. An ideal location for a commercial property is a place that is well connected and has all the amenities required for a smooth functioning especially Infrastructure development and networking convenience.

Located in the eastern part of Pune, Hadapsar is a well-planned destination and enriched with a lot of factors that make it a real estate hotspot. Over the last few years, Hadapsar has seen a string of well-conceptualized commercial projects coming up across its landscape and the reasons are many.

  • Connectivity
    With reasonably closer proximity to the airport and rail station, Hadapsar is flourishing as an investment destination on a number of prominent factors including good job opportunities, world-class housing options, rock-solid infrastructure and entertainment centers.
    The construction of the new flyover has made Hadapsar easily accessible thereby reducing the duration of the commute, so many employees are eager to work in Hadapsar. Situated on the eastern side of Pune, the Magarpatta township and IT Park is a prominent address in Hadapsar. It also shares proximity with the Kharadi EON IT Park, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Fatima Nagar and the Hadapsar Industrial Estate.
    Adding to the connectivity is the most talked about development in Hadapsar - the new D.P road that connects Koregaon Park to Magarpatta. Hadapsar is also well connected with the National Highway which aids intercity trade. This lucrative mix of factors has transformed Hadapsar into a commercial hotspot of Pune.
  • Investment returns
    Along with locational advantage, Hadapsar also offers noticeable investment returns. According to some recent research reports, the area has seen the rise of over 30 percent in the capital values in the past two years. Companies who are seeking to expand in the eastern corridor of Pune are demonstrating a strong preference for a scalability option within the project and efficient workplaces. This makes Hadapsar a profitable commercial destination for those who have in mind a long-term expansion goals.
  • Retail hub
    Hadapsar is also showing strong promise on the retail front. Two big malls namely the Seasons Mall and the Amanora Town Centre are located in Hadapsar. These malls bring the best of the retail brands under one umbrella with a host of nice restaurants and eateries that provide a complete retail experience.

Hadapsar is surely a commercial destination to watch out for!