Architectural Advances in the Real Estate Industry

We are a nation that prides itself in tradition and when it comes to architecture, the same holds true. But moving with the times, all thanks to globalisation, India has entered the era of modernity. Be it foreign investments, an aspiration to lead a different standard of life or simply opening up our minds to embracing international culture, there are many reasons that have contributed to this gradual but impactful shift. With India now on the rise to global recognition, real estate in the country is now booming, and how. In keeping with the rest of the world, the quality of architectural advances has also increased many folds.

In the last decade, the country’s rising skylines have changed drastically. This is evident with the progressive change in architecture and styles. Every metropolis has a modern skyline that is unique to the city’s character. This is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the old conventional designs and is a testament to any city’s success.

It’s not just about designing buildings that look beautiful but also offer the whole package. This includes good infrastructure. After all, what good is a building whose interiors fail to match up with the exteriors? Keeping this in mind, we need to collaborate with internationally acclaimed architects from renowned firms in south-east Asia. It brings about a collaboration of traditional style and new-age modernism. Thus, the end product is elegant and a sign of promise in the future of advancement in India’s Real Estate.

This is a way to introduce the discerning home-maker to a contemporary way of life. And it’s not only in the building design. Home automation and wide open spaces contribute to this modernity in every home as well.

This new and innovative style has opened doors to numerous opportunities in Real Estate, setting a trend in the country and serving as an inspiration for many projects. Mr. Pradeep Runwal, MD, Runwal Reallty believes that it is a way to stand out from the rest and create an identity in terms of architecture and style. It’s a way of exploring new possibilities.