A City for Every Dreamer.

Big cities are for the dreamers. They provide them fuel for ultimate growth. Cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, mark their respective domains in this dream chase. Then comes Pune, a city which is preferred over other metros in India. Pune has been home for people chasing their dreams for a couple of decades now.

Pune absorbs the classes and masses equally; it has something in the package for all. It is because the cost of living here is low compared to other metro cities. Broader career opportunities are available as major IT companies, real estate developers and manufacturing companies are operating here. Pune’s image as the ‘Oxford of East’ makes it a hotcake for real-estate too. Students come to Pune for higher studies, then after education they start their career here, most of them become a Punekar later.

Pune’s traffic issue is the talk of the town; but the recent road widening task, increased number of flyovers and enhanced traffic management has got the situation under control. Public transport here is decent with busses having great connectivity and availability. Despite the above-mentioned points Pune’s identity is of a town running on two-wheeler’s. Surprisingly this has not affected the climate of Pune. It is still identified as one of the coolest urban towns. In addition, the climate here is not extreme. It never happens that Pune standstills for reasons like water clogging.

Pune offers the best options for rejuvenation with its proximity to hill stations like Lonavala, Mahabeleshwar, Lavasa and coasts like Kashid or Alibag. Mentioned places are just few hours’ drive from Pune; or else, one can enjoy the nightlife at hubs like Koregaon Park or Baner. Pune is a town for those who chase their dreams with a determination, are you ready for it?