Guide to create an organic terrace garden at home!

If eating vegetables is good for health, eating self-grown organic vegetables is even better. In the earlier times in India, the culture of having a vegetable garden in each house was prevalent. But in recent times the concept of organic garden at home got out-dated. Though, with the introduction of organic terrace gardens the culture is getting back to India. Now one can pluck fresh vegetables from their own terrace and cook a healthy meal for themselves.

Isn’t the thought motivating enough to encourage you and create a terrace garden at your home? It is not a complicated task. One just needs dedication, patience and some time to create a terrace garden. Getting the right place for the garden is the first and the most important step. Once the place is decided you need to decide upon the format; if the garden is going to be (a) pot oriented or (b) a soil platform garden. It is just about the resources available, the format does not affect the efforts or results. Once the platform is decided you need to get the right soil; it consists of regular soil, composite coir peat and vermi-compost in equal quantities. These components need to be added after it rains, as lots of nutrients get drained. Patience is the key here as preparation of terrace garden needs lots of practice to get perfect. Single vegetable garden is a good idea to begin with, it will make you understand the technique better.

Once the garden is ready the garden should be watered once a day during the winters, twice a day in summers and once a week in the monsoon; if required. Garden area should get direct sunlight at least for 4-6 hours a day. If one thinks that organic gardens on terrace are limited to few vegetables, get known that this unique garden can grow everything; right from tomatoes to brinjals. Some have tried to grow potatoes, radish, and onions; and got success too. Go ahead, get started with your own organic vegetable garden today!