Runwal Arcade set to become a prominent landmark

If one uses the word ‘Landmark’ he or she directly refers to an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location. It would not be an overstatement if one says that Runwal Arcade can be a potential landmark in the Warje area in coming years.

Reason for this is that Runwal Arcade is located in the main area of Warje, one of the most fast developing suburbs in Pune and has already caught the attention within a niche market. Secondly, the building is designed keeping in mind its optimum utilization of the available space for professionals belonging to different sectors. One can tag Runwal Arcade as a commercially diverse business centre; it is just apt for attracting the prominent business class across the town towards this commercial place. The space can be best suited for small businesses like clinics, offices, multipurpose hall, gyms, coaching classes, stores, dispensary, etc.

Coming to the location benefit of the project, Warje is still considered to be a developing suburb in Western Pune. Its proximity to Kothrud makes Warje a commercial hotspot for real estate developers, both residential and commercial projects. This makes Warje a better place for future investment as well.

Further, Warje has become an easily commutable place from all key areas of Pune. Good public transport facility makes Warje an even better place for business to function. “Warje is one of those areas which will be benefiting from the Smart City Project in terms of infrastructural development” says Mr Pradeep Runwal, the founder and Managing Director of Runwal Reallty. It is a fact that Runwal Arcade has potential to become a prominent landmark as it plays a crucial role in the development of the Warje area. Contribution towards development is what creates a landmark, and Runwal Arcade is surely designed for a better tomorrow.