Paint the bedroom yourself, just like a professional

Home is the mostpersonal space for us,especially the bedroom. One dreams of decorating theirbedroomand giving it a personal touch. Furniture, posters and other accessories make you own the space, but the most principal element is the ‘paint on the walls.’ Painting thebedroom yourself can be a moment to cherish.Let’s see how to go about withdesigning your dream bedroom.

1. Pick uptheright climate : Humidclimate is not one of the besttimesfor painting a home. Dry climate is the most recommended;check out theweather conditions of your city before you pick up the brush. However, humid climate does not mean you cannot paint, it just takes some patience and caution to get it right.

2. Use quality equipment’s : Oneusesgood quality paint but tries to save on equipment likeroller, brush or other necessary tools. Ifyou are painting for the first time that’s the most recommended. Better the quality of equipment more is the accuracy inresults.

3. Prepare the wallright : Remove the previous coatfrom the wall completely and then scrub the surface with a sand paper to make it smooth.Applyprimer on the wall before painting itfresh.Be sure all the cracks, flaking, or peeling are covered with a coat of good quality primer. Preparing the wall is the most crucial stage.

4. Cover up the furniture : During paintingwork, drops of paint spillall over thefurniture and floor. It isbetter to cover up the areausing a largesheet of plastic or cloth beforehand. In addition,use aroller for most part as itis acleanfinisher and gives best result with latest paints.

5. Paint from top to bottom : It is recommended to start paintingthe wall from the top and gradually move downwards. This ensures a smooth finish bycovering up the paint which has dripped downwards. Remember, painting a bedroom is not one man’s task. Call friends, family members or colleagues to help you out in doing the chore. In return you can treat them with pizzas or some return gifts. Go ahead,paint your dream bedroom this weekend for sure.