How to keep you home cool without an air conditioner

Summer temperature has risenin the city;it is getting uncomfortableto beindoors too.One can consume cooling agents like cold drinks, shakes and ice-creams but these food itemstoo have a certain limitation.One needs to regulate the room temperature properly; but is it necessaryto have an air conditioner at home? No, it is.

Here are some usefultips to keep your home cool during summer,without an air conditioner.

Keep the curtains closed :During summers, anopen window can let in a lot of heat throughout the day. Drawing thecurtains while keeping the windows open can reduce 8-10° degree of temperature. Use thick curtains for better protection from harsh sunrays.

Use cross ventilation to the maximum : Keep each door of the house open. It makes the air flow throughout the house regulating the room temperature to normal. Closed doors block the air flow and increase the room temperature.

Keep the windows open at night : In summers, thetemperaturefalls up to 10-12° during the night. Keep the windows open throughout the nightsince it cools down the room temperatureraised during the day. Keeping the curtainsopen during night can be helpful.

Focus on your body temperature : It is necessary to keep the body cool during summers for better health. Wear loose cottonclothes as they are the most comfort fit during midsummer. Bathing with cold water twice a day can cut down the heat and ensure cleannessof the body. It is possible to get throughsummer comfortably without using an air conditioner. Just follow these simple steps and keep your home cool.