Reason Social Entrepreneurship is getting popular in India

In recent times, the concept of social entrepreneurship is gripping the country. One of the reasons for this is that the present generation of entrepreneurs choose to make a positive social impact rather just running after money. Social entrepreneurship is a unique combination of a business being directed towards a social cause. One can get corporate funding, financial help from the State Government or either a donation model to achieve their social goals. It becomes possible if one is at the right place at the right time and meets the right person. Let’s see the reasons social entrepreneurship is getting popular in India.

1. Life Purpose: Social entrepreneurship brings businesses and philanthropy together giving a definite life purpose to the entrepreneur. It is more about crafting a product or a service for the betterment of the society. It comes out to be a practical mechanism for resolving social issues.

2. Motivation: It gives an opportunity for the social entrepreneur to work with motivation. If the business is facing tough times it is rarely seen that a social entrepreneur gets demoralised or defocused. He/She knows that the purpose of their business is unique and for a social cause.

3. Inspire: In social entrepreneurship, one works towards achieving their own dreams along with the dreams of others. It is true that a social entrepreneur’s job is to inspire others to meet their life purpose than just being a business person.

4. Consumer Demand: In today’s world consumers have become aware of the products that are good for the society and the products which are bad for the society. It doesn’t matter if they have to spend an extra amount for a genuine product. Great demand from consumers makes social entrepreneurship a promising career option.

5. Work Satisfaction: Being a social entrepreneur allows one to get happiness and satisfaction from work. It is more about bringing smiles on melancholy faces than generating profit. Nothing can be more wonderful than doing good work for people who need it.