Giving a new life to slum dwellers - A social initiative by Pradeep Runwal

India’s rapidly growing population is putting severe pressure on the country’s housing and infrastructure. As India moves towards becoming an economic superpower, the country needs to shift its focus on people living at the bottom of the pyramid, and provide quality life to the low income groups of the society, especially the slum dwellers.

Slum dwellers constitute around 26 percent of India’s population. They contribute to the country’s development by rendering services as industrial workers, labourers, hawkers, rag-pickers and several other small scale trades. But they survive among poor living conditions. Through slum rehabilitation, it is possible to uplift their standard of living by giving them access to better housing and hygiene.

“It is not just a moral responsibility of every individual, but also need of the hour to extend a hand of support towards slum dwellers so that they can improve their life. At Runwal Reallty (formerly Amrut Runwal Group), we have always wanted to support the economically weaker sections and do something meaningful for the society. Through our efforts, we have been able to support such causes not just financially, but also emotionally and physically. We have visited the areas and understood their problems, thus making it easier for us to deliver a right solution,” explains Mr. Pradeep Runwal, M.D. Runwal Reallty.

Slum Rehabilitation is one of the first steps towards a progressive society. And at Runwal Reallty we have tirelessly made way to rehabilitate slum dwellers in Pune city. We aspire to give slum dwellers not just a better life, but also a boost in self-esteem and pride.

In our efforts towards social welfare, we have successfully executed the first slum rehabilitation programme at Market Yard, Pune, which is the first in Maharashtra and subsequently was acknowledged as the first in India.

As a company that works towards meeting every need of our customer, we also extend our support to the less privileged and lower strata of the society and will do our best to improve their life as much as we can.