More than just shades and design!

So, now that you have finally decided upon your dream home, it is time to start planning and personalising the space. Things like stylish furniture, apt sofa sets, carpets, fashionable curtains, television set, light fixtures etc. are have occupied your mind currently. However, the most important aspect of this process is painting the home. If you get this step right the aura of the apartment will express your personality. Just be sure about selecting the right painting contractor for the job.

Here’s a checklist for finalising the painting contractor:

1. Experience: It is recommended to appoint an experienced contractor as it ensures use of advanced techniques. Although not a compulsion, still it is advisable to hire a contractor with at least two years of work experience doing similar jobs.

2. Avoid Subcontractors: It is essential that the contractor has an in-house team of his own. If he or she outsources the work, then the consistency of output can be hampered. An in-house team sets a working standard, moral ethics, definite goal for its employees ensuring a definite result.

3. Reference and Estimates: Be sure your contractor provides a suitable estimate for the job. It should include specifications like the scope of the project, materials to be used, labour charges, probable deadlines and the lumpsum amount to be charged for the job. In addition, get references from their earlier clients to get detailed information about their business approach and the final job quality delivered.

4. Three Bids: Keep searching for a contractor until you get at least three quotations on the table. It gives an opportunity to bargain on price while finalising the deal. The decisions taken should not be merely based on charges but on other significant factors like quality of material, project timeline, difference in labour charges etc. This will also give you a fair idea on the ongoing market rates for better negotiations.

If these things are taken care of beforehand, it is possible to get the best out of any contractor. Be cautious, it is your dream home after all.